Swim portion of LifeTime Tri CapTex cancelled

Update, 8:07 a.m., May 30:

The start of he LifeTime Tri Captex triathlon has been delayed due to weather conditions.


Athletes –

As you know, heavy rains throughout Central Texas have greatly impacted conditions in Lady Bird Lake.

Our staff has been monitoring the situation with the City of Austin, LCRA and Homeland Security since early this week. This morning at 6:00 AM, relevant authorities opened the floodgates at Mansfield and Tom Miller Dams, creating a massive downstream flow, which will continue through Tuesday.

Since early this morning, we have been exploring and presenting various modified swim courses, but ultimately were unable to remedy a feasible solution that would ensure the 100% safety of our athletes, volunteers, staff and emergency personnel.

While unfortunate, the race will continue as a bike-run. Here are the Race Day implications:

New Race Start 7:15 AM

All International triathletes, International relays and AquaBike participants will start on the bike course, in a time-trial format, within their same wave sequence. Wave 1 of the International distance will now start at 7:15 AM. Please be fully prepared by 7:00 AM, standing at your bike rack until directed by event staff, who will queue athletes along the Bike Out Transition exit.

Sprint participants (individuals and relays) will follow suit, starting after the International athletes with an expected start time of approximately 8:15 AM. Please be fully prepared and standing at your bike rack by 8:00 AM, awaiting instructions by event staff.

SuperSprint participants will release behind the Sprint athletes in the same sequence, with an estimated 9:00 AM start time.

Due to course logistics, currently registered Duathletes will now default to a bike-run competition, starting with the 40K Bike Course, then completing a 2-loop 10K Run. Duathletes will now be merged into the greater field of International distance (bike-run) competitors and will start with their age group.

Due to the swim cancelation, all registered AquaBike participants will be completing a 40K time trial on the Bike Course. Currently registered AquaBike participants will continue to compete within their same division.

All athletes that compete in the bike-run format will have USAT age group scoring count towards triathlon rankings.

Thank you for your attention, for you patience and for your support of a safe event. Should you have any further questions, please contact our Athlete Services texasregistration@lifetimefitness.com or visit us on Facebook at Facebook.com/LifeTimeTri


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